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Can The .460 be used on a Glock?

I wanted to see how the testing is going on the Glocks? I am interested in a kit for the model 30. I enjoyed your videos on You Tube. Those water jugs and cinder blocks were great. I would like to see video of the XD & M&P conversions. —Bill Johnny Has had the Glock […]

.460 Rowland

Great article on the .460 Rowland in Guns Magazine on page 52.  

.460 Rowland Conversion

For a handgunner going afield to hunt large game, the tool of choice has traditionally been a large caliber revolver. Thanks to the efforts of both factory R&D and the developments of custom gunsmiths through the years, we now have big shiny 5 and 6 shooters in calibers from .44 all the way up to […]

The Shooting Show

Johnny has been working away on a brand new show! Johnny Rowland has produced over 500 episodes of gun tv with The Shooting Show and Guns & Gears TV. Stay tuned!

Which Conversion is the best for 1911′s?

I am considering purchasing one of your 460 conversion kits and had a few questions. I have several 1911′s and wonder which would be the best for this type of conversion. I have Kimbers, Colts, Para Ordnance, and some very old GI colts. I am leaning toward the newer Cold Combat Govt Elite or the […]

Can a Glock be set up to Handle the 460?

Can a Glock be set up to handle the 460? Maybe with Lonewolf compensator on a threaded barrel with and heavy spring. —Bill Glock M-21 and M-30 are two of our new and tremendous alternatives for conversion to AUTHENTIC.460 ROWLAND.  They are strong, inexpensive, high capacity, accurate, and absolutly reliable; and with the true .44 […]

Do you make kits for a Shorter Barrel Length?

I love the .460 round but do not want a 5″ barrel. I was looking at a 3″ or 4″ Kimber Crimson Trace model. Do you make kits for the shorter barrel length? —Tod We have made some experimental shorter barreled guns but do not currently offer kits to fit the short Kimber.  We do, […]

What Kind of Barrels do you use for the XD Conversion?

I’m new to 45acp and I recently purchased a SA XD tactical. I’m handicapped and thinking about using my XD to deer hunt. What kind of barrels do you use for the XD conversion? —Doug We use a custom barrel from Storm Lake Barrel Manufacturer for the 5 inch XD model and rechamber and modify […]

Is the 460 available for a Glock?

I am interested in the 460 Rowland for a Glock. I see it pictured on your home page but no other information is available. I am a gunsmith and have the ability to build a .460 Glock, but would like the benefit of your experience. Any help is appreciated. —Ashley Glock M-21 and 30 are […]

Will the 460 work with a long slide gun?

I am interested in building a 460 on a long slide gun either a Springfield or a Para Super Hawg. I have talked to the people at Sprinco that make the dual action recoil reducer guide rods. I wanted your opinion if you think this combo would work? I figured if Wilson combat could make […]