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460 Rowland Ammunition

“Authentic 460 Rowland Ammunition”: often copied – never duplicated. Precision loading and stringent quality control make Rowland ammunition the best in the business. 460 and 960 Rowland Cartridges represent state of the art in high-end loads for .45 Caliber and 9mm cartridges and the level of quality necessary to produce our namesake loads extends to […]

460 Rowland 1911 Conversion

The 1911 is the gun that gave birth to the mighty .460 Rowland cartridge and is still Johnny’s favorite. We recommend many high quality, modern 1911 style pistols for conversion in the standard 5″ barrel length. Some high quality 1911 style pistols that we recommend are: Springfield Armory, Kimber, Colt, Remington, Ruger, Para Ordnance Expert, […]

460 Rowland Glock 21 Conversion

The Glock-M21 is rugged, reliable and easy to shoot. It runs like an appliance and is a wonderfull platform for the .460 Rowland Conversion. Replace your Glock-21 barrel and recoil spring assembly with our Authentic .460 Rowland upgrades, fit it with the available 26 round magazine and you have the most reliable, most powerful, highest […]