Can a Glock be set up to Handle the 460?

Can a Glock be set up to handle the 460? Maybe with Lonewolf compensator on a threaded barrel with and heavy spring.

Glock M-21 and M-30 are two of our new and tremendous alternatives for conversion to AUTHENTIC.460 ROWLAND.  They are strong, inexpensive, high capacity, accurate, and absolutly reliable; and with the true .44 Magnum performance that an AUTHENTIC.460 ROWLAND conversion delivers, these modern polymer pistols become some of the lightest, easiest shooting and most powerful handguns available in the world today.

T.Scrim@460 Rowland


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  1. Art Evans April 9, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    I have a M-36 Glock. Will it do the 460 and is there a conversion for that model Glock?

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