.460 Rowland® faces raw material shortages due to COVID-19, and continues to work to provide innovative new products to the 1,000,000 US handgun owners. 

.460 Rowland® is diligently working to keep up with demands for guns and ammo amidst a raw materials shortage due to COVID-19.

We are continuing to delivering state of the art ammo, barrels, and recoil management systems not available anywhere else.

In July 2020, consumers purchased approximately 2 million firearms— almost 135% more than July 2019. “The firearms market continues at its far accelerated pace. Our estimates suggest that the market for the first seven months of 2020 now has nearly matched that of the entire year of 2019,” according to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting chief economist Jurgen Brauer.

Election years always bring increased purchases of guns and ammo. Pair that with 2020’s COVID-19 global pandemic and civil unrest in the US, and the result is skyrocketed sales. COVID-19 shutdowns affected lead manufacturing in some states and the supply of copper out of South America. Both of these raw materials are essential in the manufacturing of ammunition.

In spite of difficult times and delays from many directions, .460 Rowland® continues to move forward. Currently, we are ramping up production and building inventory of some groundbreaking new products. These include our:

  • High-Carbon-Steel Dura-Match 1911 barrels
  • High-Carbon-Steel Dura-Match Glock-21 barrels
  • Revolutionary .460 Rowland® V2 Recoil Damper for our showcase 1911 handguns

While working hard to keep up with demand, the team at .460 Rowland® is also maintaining and improving our superior customer service.

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The friendly team at .460 Rowland® aims to give customers the personal attention they deserve.

.460 Rowland® prides themselves on producing products that deliver more power and faster target acquisition. “With one in the chamber and thirteen in the magazine, your Glock30 in a .460 Rowland® is arguably the most powerful handgun on the planet.”

.460 Rowland® of Tulsa gives .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum power to standard .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) and 9mm handguns. The revolutionary and original products from .460 Rowland® are not available anywhere else.

.460 Rowland® began over 20 years ago when Johnny Rowland, working with a Government 5” 1911 pistol, created the prototype .45 Automatic Colt Pistol Conversion and changed the pistol forever.

We are the proud purveyor of the only authentic .460 Rowland® pistol conversions— it’s what we do, and it’s all that we do. Only licensed and authentic products may be marked using our federally protected name and trademark, so don’t be misled by pretenders in the marketplace.

If you’re a gun owner looking for innovative new products, state-of-the-art ammo, and superior customer service, contact us: