.460 Rowland Conversions

The Mighty .460 Rowland pistol cartridge was developed by Johnny Ray Rowland in 1998 to give true .44 Magnum power, range, and accuracy to your standard .45 ACP handgun. Johnny’s ingenuity stands testament to the ongoing passion for quality and performance that we see in much of the modern civilian firearms industry today. An ingenuity that we work hard to emulate here at .460 Rowland® every day of the week.

So; whether you’re looking for a Glock conversion kit, a 1911 conversion barrel, a Springfield XD, HK-USP, or an FN-FNX conversion kit, or you’re wondering about the 460 Rowland vs.10mm debate, the proof will be in the pudding and we are confident that you’ll choose the Mighty .460 Rowland® to up your game and to join the best of the best.

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