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Enhance any standard 5″ or Longslide 1911 with the revolutionary V2 Recoil Damper! This recoil system is designed to significantly reduce recoil and improve accuracy, reliability, and longevity across a wide range of calibers including (but not limited to) 9mm, 10mm, 45 ACP and of course, the Mighty .460 Rowland®! Experience unparalleled recoil management with our 100% satisfaction guarantee; test the V2 Recoil Damper for 30 days, and if unsatisfied, return it for a full refund, no questions asked. Simply add to cart, checkout, and experience the difference in your 1911’s shooting performance with complete confidence.

-V2 Recoil Damper
-Installation Spring
-17# Standard Reaction Sping (Works great in most 5″ 1911s to cycle both 45 ACP and 460 Rowland!)
-4 Stainless Steel Shims

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Elevate your shooting experience with the V2 Recoil Damper, a game-changing upgrade for your five-inch Government or Long Slide 1911, compatible with any caliber. Like the air brakes on an 80,000 lb. truck, this precision-engineered “micro-motor” hits back harder, the harder it’s hit. By using a precision-ground piston and cylinder this elegant device actively slows your slide in the last one and a half inches of travel, regardless of the force exerted. As our industry developed more and more powerful ammunition, and lighter firearms, the simple reaction spring was hijacked to do double-duty as some sort of jury-rigged recoil management device. We even started calling it a ‘recoil spring’. By freeing Mr. Browning’s reaction spring from the job of recoil control, it can better perform the one job it was designed for, to power the second half of a 1911’s firing cycle. More precisely, more effectively, and more reliably. This newfound freedom allows the shooter to adjust his or her reaction spring to their specific, and sometimes changing, needs and wants. Dial it up for demanding outdoor settings, tone it down for competitive shooting, or anything in-between, the choice can be yours. So give your 1911 the hidden power and versatility of a V2 Recoil Damper and bring Mr. Browning’s original concept back to life. Enjoy enhanced control and stability across a broad spectrum of shooting activities, styles, and calibers with the power of innovative design and intuition that is the 460 Rowland 1911-V2 Recoil Damper!   V2 Recoil Damper Tuning Procedure  (Optimizing  your 1911’s Slide Speed): Slide speed is critical for reliable operation of any 1911 handgun. Too much slide speed and cartridges don’t get picked up, chambered, extracted, or ejected reliably. Too little slide speed and cartridges don’t get extracted or ejected reliably. old fashioned recoil systems require heavy “Recoil Springs when shooting powerful ammunition, and lighter “Recoil Springs” when shooting less powerful ammunition. Locking you into one load between tunings. More problematic is the fact that the heavy “Recoil Springs” that traditional recoil assemblies rely on simply drive your slide to fast and lightweight “Recoil Springs” don’t drive them fast enough. So how can you measure your slide speed so you can optimize your gun’s slide speed? You can’t very easily measure slide speed directly, so we suggest you use the distance your gun throws spent brass as an indirect measure. The faster your slide moves the farther it throws spent brass. And while this technique works well for our purposes, it only provides a rough comparison of one Reaction Spring’s slide speed to another’s. Therefore, precisely measuring how far your brass flies is pointless. You can identify relatively slow slide speeds when spent brass falls less than one or two feet from your firing position, relatively high slide speeds when that brass falls more than fifteen or twenty feet, and moderate (or acceptable slide speeds) when it lands in between.  No need to pace it off or to use a tape measure. So here is a procedure for optimizing 1911 slide speed when using the V2 Recoil Damper. 1st.   Determine the lightest spring tension that will reliably cycle .460 Rowland Ammunition, and with which spent brass lands less than 15 to 20 feet from your firing position. You can do this by starting with the heaviest spring you have on hand and progressively exchanging lighter and lighter spring tensions until spent brass starts landing 15 to 20 feet from your firing position . This will be the lightest spring tension that will reliably cycle that particular .45 ACP cartridge and your prefered 460 Rowland cartridge. 2nd. Determine the heaviest spring tension that will reliably cycle .45 ACP Ammunition, and with which spent brass lands no less than 1 or 2 feet from your firing position. You can do this by starting with the lightest spring you have on hand and progressively exchanging heavier and heavier spring tensions until spent brass starts landing 1 or 2 feet from your firing position. This will be the heaviest spring tension that will reliably cycle both cartridges. 3rd. Now that you have established the range of spring tensions that will reliably cycle both cartridges you may select a spring that is close to the middle of that range, or any spring within that range that just “Feels Good” to you. Remember, you’re always free to choose any spring tension within the range. You may like the feeling of one spring over another. You may also prefer a higher spring tension for exclusive .460 Rowland use, or a lower one for .45 ACP only. But what if there is no overlap of acceptable spring tensions when shooting .45 acp and 460 Rowland ammunition? IE: you can’t find a spring tension that works well for both? In that case you can:  1) use one spring tension for .460 Rowland and another for .45 ACP.  While this is not ideal, some customers do choose this option,  2) replace your double-ported compensator with a single-ported compensator and conduct the tuning procedure again,  3) install your conversion in a different 1911, preferably one made from carbon steel  4) send everything to us and we’ll get your 1911 running like a sewing machine and all you will pay is shipping plus $45.00 for range time and ammunition. Lastly: in the unlikely event you exhaust these options and we cannot resolve your issues, we’re committed to offering you a full refund. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Should you need further clarification or assistance, feel free to reach out. We’re here to ensure you get the best out of your purchase. Kind Regards, Thomas Scriminger Customer Support 460 Rowland®

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“Just shot a quick 20 rounds with my 9mm Alchemy 1911. I installed the V2 damper in the pistol. Full power loads, perfect function….and the brass, all 20 rounds in a basketball size pile right at my feet. This thing works!” D.K. 02/16/21


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2 reviews for 460 ROWLAND® 1911 V2 RECOIL DAMPER

  1. Dan

    Awesome quality product. 45 acp feels like a .380

  2. Randy Rowell

    The V2 damper system is the most innovated product I’ve seen since the introduction of the 460 Rowland conversion itself! The system consists of two basic parts – a piston and cylinder, which returns the 1911 to its original format that did not use a full-length guide rod.
    The parts are high quality and fit together perfectly. Shimming per the instructional video only took a few seconds and two shims to achieve the desired plunger movement. All parts fit perfectly into place and function smoothly.
    This unit ain’t cheap, but then, it actually does what it claims and that completely transforms the 460 Rowland conversion into magnum semiauto that is extremely practical!

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