Glock Magazine Shims


For use with GLOCK 21 and GLOCK 41 13-Round Magazines

Our 460 Rowland® Glock  Magazine Shims enable full engagement of your mag release lever preventing damage to the ledge of your plastic Glock Magazine.

Install Instructions:

There are two Shims in the set. One is short and wide and the other longer and skinnier. The long and wide one will go on the same side as your magazine release button on your lower. Most Glocks are set up for right-hand-dominant shooters, so the mag release button will be on the left.

Line the short fat shim parallel to the cut out on the left side of the mag. Then, stick the skinny one on the back of the mag lining the tops of the shims up horizontally. 

 With the shims installed on the left and back, this will physically push the magazine into the release lever inside the mag well.
This ensures the mag gets a complete purchase on that release lever, leaving less room to move around while shooting, meaning a longer lasting magazine. The gun will run fine without shims installed, but over time that play in the mag well will eat away at the magazine where it comes into contact with the release lever.

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