1911 4.25″ .460 Rowland Conversion


For $400 you will receive:

-A threaded Black Dura-Match barrel converted to .460 Rowland (link and pin installed)
-An upgraded thick barrel bushing
-A Black Dura-Match Compensator with set screws and allen key
-A 460 Rowland barrel bushing wrench
-A Commander-Sized Tougher Buffer Recoil System

Available on backorder

Colt® Series 80 Narrow Hood (.385”) Option

(NOT Required For Colts with Hood Dimension = .435″)

Optional Package Protection

Product price: $400.00
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DISCLAIMER: All our 1911 kits use standard un-ramped barrels and barrel bushings. If you need a fully ramped barrel, bull barrel or any specific combination please contact us for pricing and availability. For best results we only recommend using single-stack 1911’s.
While our conversion kits are designed to be a drop-in fit to most standard 1911’s, there is a possibility that your barrel may need to be gunsmith fit. Minor fitting/adjustments are common when installing any aftermarket part into your 1911. The 1911 platform is extremely popular with thousands of models put out by hundreds of companies. Each gun is different and we produce our barrels to fit in most guns while still being functional.
We are more than happy to help if you run into any fitting issues.

These 4.5″ Commander barrels are laboriously machined to precice, match-grade, specifications from high-carbon steel and finished with our game-changing Dura-Match process. Resulting in stronger, longer lasting and, (yes), even better looking barrels. While these “harder-than-stainlless” barrels are more difficult, more time consuming and more expensive to machine, (even before we put them through our Dura-Match process), we feel the value added far outweighs the incremental increases in cost and effort. We think you’ll agree.

What is Dura-Matching, and why do we do it if our barrels are already harder than most?

By infusing nitrogen and carbon molecules at and below the surface of our carbon steel barrels [in a precisely timed, low temperature, (1,050deg F), process] we are able to dramatically increases surface wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance, of these already-hard barrels, and leave them with a very attractive, deep black, appearance. Offering you the best of all worlds.About the “Dura-Match” Barrel

You can now upgrade your Standard 1911 Conversion to include our .460 Rowland® Dura-Match Barrel. Built from a proprietary military-grade carbon steel, these innovative barrels are more difficult to produce but deliver true Match Grade+ performance. They are stronger, harder, and more resistant to friction, heat, abrasion, wear and corrosion than any other pistol barrel on the market today!

These new barrels are already more durable and conduct heat away faster… but they then undergo a high-integrity metallurgical process to further improve surface hardness, lubricity and resistance to heat and corrosion. We don’t simply apply a thick black “coating” to the surface of these already great barrels; we transform the molecular structure of the surface while maintaining critical dimensional tolerances. The process leaves a beautiful black finish…no more shiny metal glinting across the open field. You will absolutely love it!

Dura-Match Upgrade barrels are “suppressor-ready” and include our new Tactical Compensator.

Easy Install!

Installation is a breeze! Check out how to install our standard 1911 conversion and Tougher Buffer here:

Special Note: Stainless Steel Guns

All 1911’s are a bit different and in some rare instances the higher friction of the stainless steel will prevent you from shooting both .460 Rowland® and .45 ACP from the same set-up. Should that happen with your gun you may need to revert to your stock barrel and recoil spring assembly to reliably cycle .45 ACP ammunition. Polishing your rails can be helpful as well. This is a relatively simple task. And of course, if you need any help or advice along the way, we are always here to help in person in Tulsa, via email or over the phone (918) 928-7460. We have successfully converted hundreds of SS guns….yours can be the next! About the .460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin If you are experiencing primer blow-by it may be because you have an old-style .45 ACP firing pin assembly. Upgrade to our .460 Rowland® Extended Firing Pin to remedy these issues. Some 1911’s (even some very expensive models) have stubbornly adhered to John Browning’s original design and not gone to this more desirable firing pin assembly. The .460 Rowland® 1911 Extended Firing Pin solves the blow-by problem and has proven to be preferable when shooting some of the more modern high-pressure cartridges like the 10 mm, .45 Super and the Big Dog, the Mighty .460 Rowland®. Longer, Thinner and Stronger to resolve primer blow-by problems in your:

If you’d rather have us do the install and testing, you can always ship us your entire gun for conversion!

Additional information

Weight 22.5 oz



1911 5” Gov’t Compensated

1911 “Commander” 4.25” Compensated


These instructions are intended for use with:

1911 5” Gov’t

1911 “Commander” 4.25”


Powerful recoil springs can propel small parts to eye-injuring velocities.

Your .460 Rowland® 1911 5” Gov’t Barrel and Compensator arrive Ready to Install in your gun. The Compensator has been “slide-fitted” and secured with a set-screw and blue thread-locker prior to shipping.

See Below for attaching your COMMANDER Comp.

  • Remove your old slide assembly, stock recoil spring, and stock barrel according to themanufacturer’s
  • Install your new Authentic .460 Rowland® Conversion barrel

into your slide assembly. For a video demonstration go to



  • Back the Compensator’s set-screw out two revolutions to avoid damaging your barrel’s
  • Using a padded wrench to avoid damaging its finish, apply a firm, steady pressure to turn your Compensator in a counter-clockwise


  • When ready for the re-assembly, clean the threads thoroughly before applying your blue thread-locker. This is best done with clear alcohol or lacquer thinner and a wire brush or steel wool.

(Acetone leaves a residue and is not recommended.)

  • Apply a small bead of BLUE thread-locker to the end of the barrel and set-screw threads. Be prepared to proceed directly to the

next step of these instructions.

  • With your .460 Rowland® barrel in your slide screw the Compensator onto the barrel until it is close to the slide, but not actually touching Likewise, do not tighten the Compensator all

the way to the end of the threads.

  • The Compensator should not actually come in contact with the slide. A small space is normal and
  • The vent openings in the Compensator must open straight up .
  • Allow 20 for the thread-locker to set, 24 hours for it to cure.
  • Reassemble your new “Hand-Cannon” using the two-piece guide rod and supplied spring, or with the stock spring, as


The Browning Recoil System requires a firm or “locked-wrist” grip, which may be even more important when firing the Mighty .460 Rowland®.


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