ROWLAND-STORM: Upgrading the Glock-19 Experience | The new High-Performance, High-Utility Carry Handgun


A side-by-side look at the GLOCK-19 vs ROWLAND-STORM reveals a similar base design, featuring a polymer lower and steel upper construction.

HOWEVER, the ROWLAND-STORM breaks the mold by incorporating the TREMENDOUS .357 MAGNUM POWER Magnum of our 960 Rowland Cartridge, material enhancements, and additional ergonomic features. All in supporting the TREMENDOUS INCREASE IN POWER this gun can deliver.

  • Converted to cycle our .357 Magnum equivalent 960 Rowland cartridge | The ultimate Every-Day-Carry.
  • Also runs: Standard 9mm and .356 TSW cartridges.
  • Short reset trigger, wide finger pad, hinged trigger safety | is easier, faster, & more accurate.
  • Upgraded Stainless-Steel slide, barrel, guide-rod, and sights.
  • Superior slide and grip treatments for enhanced ergonomics.
  • Hard, thick-walled, solid polymer magazine for enhanced durability and reliability.
  • Priced at $596.00 compared to Glock-19’s $600.00.
  • Compact, semi-automatic design suitable for everyday carry.
  • Strong customer service and loyal community backing.


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Like many of you, we have been Inspired by the reliability and reasonable price of the very popular Glock 19. So we have taken the ROWLAND-STORM to an entirely new level!  Find out how.

In 2021, over 5 million Americans purchased their first firearm, representing a skyrocketing demand for reliable, affordable Every-Day-Carry handguns. Among the most popular is the 9mm Glock 19 compact. However, if you are looking for a truly advanced and affordable handgun, forged in the fire of economic and political adversity, the 960-ROWLAND-STORM is the superior option.

By integrating our innovative and powerful 960 Rowland cartridge, and by standing on the shoulders of Giants, (most notably: Glock | PMA | MAGPUL), we have answered the public outcry and delivered a More Powerful, More Ergonomic, More Reliable, and More Affordable Every-Day-Carry!

The ROWLAND-STORM is a remarkable blend of Johnny Rowland’s 960 Rowland Cartridge, Glock’s basic handgun design, along with the basic improvements made by PSA and MAGPUL. The remarkable result is a captivating blend of power, reliability, accuracy, improved ergonomics, and unmatched value.

Comparing the Glock 19 to the mighty 960-ROWLAND-STORM provides an insightful narrative and will give you what you need to decide for yourself.  So please read on.

Origin | Brand
Glock has been known since 1982 and has earned a significant market share because they have had decades of use by law enforcement and military around the world. Establishing a US-based manufacturing facility in Smyrna, GA, also played a pivotal role in crafting an image as a reliable U.S. handgun provider.

460 Rowland, on the other hand, is comparatively new to the industry, has never done business outside the U.S.  Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the very buckle of America’s Bible-Belt, 460 Rowland enjoy a small but valuable community of loyal American gun enthusiasts who have discovered the POWER, INNOVATION and UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SERVICE offered by 460 ROWLAND for just over two decades. Straight through the 2008 Financial Crisis, the COVID pandemic, the agonizing supply chain disruptions, murderous inflation, and political unrest brought on since January 2021.

The ROWLAND-STORM has emerged as our sterling response to these economic disasters, government crackdowns, and your desperate need for a high-quality, high-capacity, compact, semi automatic, handgun. A gun that not only packs the power of a .357 Magnum but that delivers that power in a modern, utilitarian, compact platform you can afford.

Power | Performance
The ROWLAND-STORM’s flat-out .357 Magnum performance is its most notable stand-out feature. But it is also remarkable for its tremendous versatility, allowing you to load and fire standard 9X19 Luger or Parabellum, 9X18 Makarov, and 9X21 Gyurza cartridges … as well as the signature 960 ROWLAND CARTRIDGE! A virtual cornucopia of options, should you ever need or want them. Again; the versatile 960 ROWLAND-STORM delivers three times the power, twice the range, measurable increases in accuracy and extreme versatility when compared to the extremely popular Glock-19.

Design | Construction
The ROWLAND-STORM has a short reset trigger, wide finger pad, and hinged trigger safety making it easier, faster, and more accurate to shoot.  Slide, barrel, guide-rod, and sights, are all upgraded from low-grade steel and plastic to Match-Grade Stainless-Steel, and superior slide and grip treatments create a more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience.  The thick-walled, solid polymer magazine contributes to making the ROWLAND-STORM much more durable and reliable than the Glock-19.

Without question, this gun is simply better, more powerful, more reliable, and much nicer to shoot than the extremely popular Glock-19. Reflecting our ethos of adhering to fundamental design principles, to innovating where we can, and to picking the best from the best as we dramatically increase power, range, accuracy, reliability, and durability of whatever platform we are working with. And to enhance your entire shooting experience without breaking the bank!

The ROWLAND-STORM | A perfect choice | you can afford!

Cost | Value
Now that you understand how much better the ROWLAND-STORM is compared to the $600.00 Glock-19, you will be happy to know that one can be yours for just $596.00 U.S. This isn’t just a figure, it is a statement of accessible excellence in firearm technology. Upgrading to a ROWLAND-STORM is not only a leap forward in firepower, but a financially savvy choice as well. Merging remarkable value with affordability in one robust package.

Final Verdict
When it comes to choosing a compact 9mm handgun for everyday carry, the ROWLAND-STORM is not just an alternative, it’s a formidable Magnum-powered upgrade that incorporates well-considered improvements where they really matter, and an unbeatable value.  So transition now to a new era of handgun excellence with the amazing ROWLAND-STORM!  You will not regret it.


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