The .960 Rowland Guardian


Unmatched power, precision, versatility, and rugged good looks.
Aptly named “The Guardian”, this powerful and versatile firearm is converted to cycle our .960 Rowland which is ballistically equivalent to the .357 Magnum.
You will still be able to cycle 9mm as well as our .960 Rowland, +P, +P+ and .356 TSW!

Firearm: Glock 19 Gen 5
Frame Finish: OD Green Cerakote
Slide Finish: Chocolate Brown Cerakote
Embellishments: Leaf Engraving on Frame
Trigger: Timney Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe
Recoil System: Captured 17# Spring on a SS Guide Rod
Front Sight: White Dot
Rear Sight: White Outline
Magazine Count: 3
Magazine Capacity: 15+1
Trigger Pull Average: 5.500


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Our best Custom Glock 19 Gen 5 to date!
Glock’s most popular carry-pistol will now deliver unmatched power, precision, versatility, and rugged good looks.
Take your shooting game to a whole new level.  Aptly named “The Guardian”, this powerful and versatile firearm combines the legendary performance of a .357 Magnum with the convenience and capacity of Glock’s most popular 9mm pistol, making it the ultimate choice for semiautomatic pistol enthusiasts.

Meticulously crafted to deliver superior stopping power, extended range and pinpoint accuracy, this great handgun is redesigned to handle our high-velocity, crazy-powerful .960 Rowland ammunition! You’ll enjoy the extraordinary power and precision of the legendary .357 Magnum Cartridge, as well as the unmatched versatility of being able to shoot 9mm Luger, +P, +P+, .356 TSW and others. This insane power and versatility, combined with this gun’s soft shooting nature, make The .960 Rowland Guardian ideal for pistol shooters of all kinds.

9mm vs 357 Magnum debate:

Why settle for one or the other when The .960 Rowland Guardian gives you both? This powerful and versatile .357 Magnum-equivalent not only delivers true .357 Magnum power, accuracy, penetration and range; it allows you to shoot your old 9mm cartridges as well. Why struggle to decide when you can have both? Buy yourself a 960 Guardian while they last.

Custom Embellishments:

As if .960 Rowland power were not enough, The .960 Rowland Guardian comes with leaf patterned stippling on the frame, and a Timney Trigger Shoe; giving your Glock 19 that unique look and smooth touch that will set you apart from the crowd! The .960 Rowland Guardian isn’t just a powerful and versatile tool, it’s a statement that will showcase your passion for superior performance and Genuine Glock Perfection.


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